China Works help UK companies manufacture original equipment or source standard products from China.  The team in China is managed by a pair of German and Swedish engineers who are bilingual and have over 20 years combined experience of dealing with Chinese manufacturers. They in turn run a small team of engineers who are responsible for managing existing and new manufacturer relationships providing two main services in relation to production in China:

Original equipment production – We help companies produce original equipment through our network of established manufacturers in Eastern China. We specialise in the production of bespoke plastic and metal products and provide access to a full range of manufacturing processes including machining, injection moulding, die casting, specialist coatings and tooling/mould production.

Product sourcing – We help companies source off the shelf products and supplies, including parts and components. We look for manufacturers both inside and outside of our network, to help our customers find reliable suppliers of products at the best price.  In addition to locating manufacturers we are also able to:    manage the ongoing relationship with our client’s manufacturer on the ground in China, including dealing with questions around delivery times, quality control, technical issues and payment terms;  provide a UK point of contact to discuss any issues, orders or deal with technical questions;  provide access to established relationships with freight forwarders, quality inspection companies, and foreign exchange companies