Personal Effects - The Process - Worldwide

Moving house is a stressful business, even if you are just going round the corner. However, when the move involves many hundreds of miles over land, sea, and international borders, it’s easy to imagine the ensuing chaos. It is in cases such as this that it is crucial to employ a company with a proven track record. KPM Services is one such a company, we have seen it all, dealt with it all, and have vast list of satisfied customers not only private individuals bit Household Removal companies. 

Your first step is to contact KPM Services and advise them of your needs. If it is a full or partial household removal, if it is a full household; the type and size of property, and whether there are any new goods, is the only information we need to begin our quote. KPM Services can even purchase new goods on your behalf, allowing all VAT to be reclaimed. 

The client’s specific requirements will then be discussed. Once these have been established, KPM Services will arrange for one or more of their of removal experts to contact the client, and arrange a full survey thus ascertaining access, and volume of the cargo and identifying any further special or specific requirements. Once the removers have quoted their prices, these are passed on to the client, who can decide who they prefer to handle the export packaging and wrapping. Once this has been agreed, KPM Services will then provide a range of estimates, depending on shipping methods and itemising all of the charges involved. 

n the case of a partial removal, the client passes KPM Services a list of the packages and by using our specialist computer software, we can calculate the volume and provide a full written door to door quotation, again itemising all of the charges involved.

Once we have agreed the price, and the shipping date is confirmed, copies of all the required documents are requested from the client. all these are then passed directly to the customs brokers and local agents with whom KPM Services work closely.

It’s entirely acceptable for clients to pack their own belongings and deliver them to KPM Services and we can and do provide valuable advice on packing methods. Clients are also welcomed to watch their property being loaded. We try to make the whole process transparent from start to finish. 

Moving house overseas may be a daunting undertaking, but with KPM Services at your side, you can count on the experience being as swift and painless as possible. The hundreds of householders, successfully re-located by KPM Services, bear their own witness. All risk insurance can be provided Household or Personal Effects the rate would only be confirmed on sight of an inventory with the items being individually valued.